Salon Chez Vous specializes in Treebraids. 
What are Treebraids?
Treebraids (known in other regions of the country as lacing, integrated weave and interlock) are small cornrows that start at the front hairline and end at the nape of the neck, while hair is added and pulled through to make a full head of weave, giving you flexibility and carefree styling.
Whether you have a head full of hair or are suffering from mild to moderate balding, Treebraids are the perfect way to give your hair a break from heat, styling, and the elements.Your hair is completely protected while the extension hair is used to create your perfect look. You can even change the color and texture of the hair as much and as often as you'd like without making harsh chemical changes to your own hair.
Treebraids are the perfect way to grow out a relaxer and transition to natural hair. There is no need to get relaxers in between new hairstyles.
Super versatile, with your new Treebraids style you can part your hair to the right, to the left, down the middle any time you want without having to redo your hair.
Treebraids are the ultimate in styling flexibility!



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