"“My hair was in such bad shape before I started treebraids with Salon Chez Vous.  It has been a year and I am happy to say that my hair is is growing!   Even my edges are growing back.  It really needed the rest from daily heat."
Stacia B.  - Atlanta, GA
“Ok...  I have been balding on the top for a few years and I was tired of wearing wigs and inflexible weaves which did not allow me to change my style from day to day.  Treebraids allowed me to part my hair anywhere I had a cornrow or not part it at all.  I was also surpised that the braids did not need to be sewn on where I no longer had hair.  This technique is amazing!"Allie N. - Queens, NY
I was surprised that my very short hair could be treebraided. I was also very surprised that my teenaged daughter whose own hair is shoulder length could be treebraided.   Tasha L. - Aiken, SC
I wake up everyday and literally brush my hair and go out the door.  Shampooing my hair is a breeze because I just shampoo and let it airdry. This has been the easiest maintenance I have ever had since microbraids. Who thought?  
Monica W. - Dallas, TX
I could not believe it didn't  take hours on end to take down.  
Eriqua S. - Washington DC   





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